Best digital marketing Strategies for Fitness trainers in 2021

Every player in the industry can use a variety of fitness marketing strategies to increase their business. All cases start with the assumption that to be competitive, you must embrace the new rules of digital marketing.


The objectives are first.

As mentioned above, many business groups are making huge investments to offer more attractive services and products to increase their market share. Although this is an important aspect of a fitness marketing strategy it cannot be reduced to its core. Spot offers and temporary promotions can be useful for the short term, but they do not allow the company to grow or consolidate in the market.

Even in this instance, accuracy is not too important: they must increase but by how much? What if the subscription’s duration or number increases? How do you envision the positioning? Which kind of customers would you like to reach?

These questions must be answered. The more information that is gathered, the better the strategy can be developed.

Understand the target to determine what should be

Listening to your target audience is the first step in any fitness marketing strategy.

To determine the potential customer groups that could be attending the gym, it is important to perform a market segmentation.

This can be done by identifying the motivations behind each person going to the gym. They must lose weight. Some go to the gym because they love a sport, others who want to make new friends and socialize, and some who go to the gym to get healthy.

Additional distinctive characteristics such as age, gender, residence, and habits can also be identified. This information will guide your digital marketing campaign.

When you decide to purchase online banner spaces, it’s easier to decide which sites you want to publish your banners on.

If you want to run a dark marketing campaign via social media, the same applies by knowing who your customers are, you can create targeted posts and adjust the tone and message to suit each customer. This content will reach you.

The SEO strategy

We are still talking about data and categorizations. A second very important strategy for fitness marketing is to lead online searches

It is important to “show off”: optimizing your website with SEO is a strategic move. This is also because many people use the internet to find the right structure.

Effective SEO optimization can help your website rank higher than its competitors and guarantee greater relevance to any content published online. This is an additional digital strategy that could be used to enhance another. Available to industry players.

Fit with content

We are specifically referring to content strategy, which is a marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant and engaging content to engage users and push them to take certain actions.

This marketing strategy is very beneficial for companies that operate in the fitness industry. It allows them to be more visible to people and increases their chances of being known.

Users are increasingly searching the internet for information about well-being and fitness. This trend has increased because of the forced smart work of recent months. It is exactly within these searches that the company’s content must fit.

It is not the user that is passively reached.

Once you get his attention, there are many options for you to make the structure work. You can allow him to leave the data to schedule a trial day or you can invite him to sign up for the newsletter. All activities are necessary to convert the user into a customer.

Two conditions are required to achieve all of this: The first is SEO optimization which allows for greater traceability of contents using keywords. The second is the selection of the topic to be dealt with.

These themes could include nutrition, “how-to”, and even advice on purchasing specific equipment or products. You should consider both the latest trends as well as the needs and tastes of the users when making your choice.

Personal trainers must also be social

Social media marketing is still a viable option for content marketing.

Social media has transformed the sector, giving rise to a new language and new ways to engage customers.

This sense of belonging can be strengthened by social networks, which allow you to create a closed group that only certain customers can access. Customers can feel like they are part of a community with people who share the same passions.

Making groups more attractive

There is also a second strategy for fitness marketing that can be used by all sector operators. It is based upon a very old, but still relevant marketing method: word of mouth.

People can often convince others more than marketing campaigns or offers can: This is because we trust what people say more than what brands communicate.

Referring to others within your organization can prove to be a winning strategy.

This will allow current customers to be ambassadors for the structure and invite others to join or take a trial lesson. All this with minimal or no investment from the owner.

Outside the gym

As we mentioned in the beginning, there is increasing attention to one’s health. For this reason, people will spend more to improve their physical well-being.

Not only is this for the gym but also for those who want to be coached or have their training supervised by a personal trainer

This allows you to implement a second fitness marketing strategy based on affiliate marketing. It can create a real network for affiliates around your organization.



These strategies can be used in the context of fitness marketing.

It is however important to highlight two points that, although they are at the end of this article, are crucial.

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