How to Improve Networking Experience on a Hybrid Event Platform

Nowadays, if you want to conduct an event for your company or organization, your best option is using a hybrid event platform. This technology allows you to simultaneously hold a physical and online event. Yes, unlike using a virtual events platform, this one has an option for face-to-face celebration for those who can attend on-site. Of course, you still have to uphold the proper health protocols for everyone’s safety.

You are probably not so confident in doing this since it will be your first time. However, all you need to do is ask for help from creative technologists. They will give you a tip and guidance on how you can make a hybrid event successful and memorable.

For instance, are you wondering how you can connect your attendees using a hybrid event platform? You should check out the following tips from Waveplay Interactive, which are also applicable for a virtual events platform. These are what creative technologists usually do to improve their clients’ events.

Tips on Improving Networking Experience

  1.     Allocate a central location where guests can meet online

Your hybrid event must connect both in-person and online audiences. The in-person audience includes the limited number of people who can attend the event on-site. On the other hand, online audience comprises of participants who virtually join the event using their gadgets.

It is not advisable to segment your two kinds of the audience as it can result in a weak networking experience. So, how can you come up with a single location where virtual and physical audiences can meet? Is it even possible?

The best way to do this is to utilize a hybrid event platform that the participants can access during the event. A virtual events platform will also do as well. Your physical guests can join through their mobile phones or iPads, while the virtual attendees can access it through a desktop device. Through an online forum, both audiences can connect and interact with one another.

  1.     Give a clear instruction on the best practices of hybrid meetings

There are some meeting tips that you should not forget to remind your audience about. For instance, you should tell them to ensure that they have enough Wi-Fi bandwidth for the meeting. In addition, you better encourage them to minimize their internet usage while the meeting is ongoing. Also, you should tell them to find a place where they can have good lighting and has minimal to zero noise in the background. Then, if possible, they must use a mic and headphones. These can enhance the audio quality.

These reminders will help improve your hybrid event networking quality. As a result, your participants can concentrate more on interacting with each other. Sharing with them the benefits of holding hybrid events can also enhance the connectivity among your guests. They will be encouraged to interact and know each other all the more.

  1.     Set transition times in-between sessions

Having a break between meetings is helpful when using a hybrid event platform. First of all, your online participants need these coordinated breaks in the event. Second, for the physical participants, they can have the chance to engage with their fellow guests around.

Aside from the chance to stretch their hands, take a toilet break, and grab some snacks, your participants will have the opportunity to keep talking about interesting topics from the previous session.

  1.     Provide a matchmaking service

While physical participants can easily interact with each other, your virtual guests have it limited. It is not easy to properly communicate while activities are ongoing. Plus, they also need a meeting to make this happen.

Thus, when using a hybrid or virtual events platform, help your online audience find a relevant meeting. A creative technologist would suggest that you provide an attendee list to help them find anyone they know. Ensure that the list has a good filter, such as company, job title, or interests. There are many options to choose from, you can also check out facilitated matchmaking to see how it can help your attendees get relevant matches without the need to search.

Get the Best Hybrid Event Platform

A remarkable networking experience is necessary for any event, especially if you are doing it for business expansion and marketing purposes. Once your first hybrid event becomes successful, more sponsors would want to take part in your future events. Moreover, your relationship with investors, employees, and clients will improve as well. This is also essential to encourage loyalty and excellence from them.

To ensure a powerful networking experience for your guests, you should start finding the best platform for your event. You can ask Waveplay Interactive to help you choose among their virtual and hybrid event platforms. They also have creative technologists and virtual events platforms who are ready to assist you with your event needs.

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