What You need to do when Your Teeth Move after Removing Braces

Did you experience a sigh of relief after getting your braces removed? If yes, then you can very well understand the shock that a person faces when the find their teeth are moving after removing braces. When you face such a situation, you will probably be stressed as the process of wearing braces again can really be painful and of course, costly. There are some steps to take that can help to know why this happened and how to solve the problem easily. Read to know how you can improve your smile and strengthen teeth to boost confidence.

Why will your teeth move after braces treatment?

It might be really difficult to know the exact reason for your teeth to shift after braces. But there are some cases that have led to the wear and tear faced by your teeth regularly. Besides, the pressure that is applied on the teeth surface each time you eat, chew, smile or clench teeth can make your teeth move in different directions.

Your teeth might have been straight for many years even when you had stopped wearing the aligners and they may begin to move due to age. Teeth grinding may be the reason for shifting teeth as this may lessen the damage caused by using a mouth-piece. Yet, you do not know all the causes of moving teeth and your genes might even affect your gorgeous smile. Your teeth should be able to deal with pressure but when you put too much on them, they want some kind of relief by moving to a comfortable place.

What are some tips to prevent teeth from shifting?

  • Abide by the rules of your aligners – Once the braces are removed, you would like to wear an aligner daily to avoid teeth from shifting further. Though these braces are made, you need to wear plastic retainers to avoid further shifting. Unless you brush teeth or eat, you are advised to wear the braces all the time for getting the desired results from your treatment.
  • Know when your teeth begin to move – Your teeth may start shifting after the braces are removed. When wisdom teeth begin to emerge, this might move teeth close to each other. In case you do not abide by the rules of your aligners, you might face small shift in due course that can lead to fitting in an improper way. These removable aligners may warp and the permanent ones should be taken proper care or else teeth shifting will take place. It is advised that you call your dentist as soon as you find some problem with the teeth.
  • Make sure you regain your confident smile – Your confident smile means you should take proper care of all your teeth. This includes brushing at least two times in a day, flossing daily and taking necessary steps to avoid the problem of tooth decay This may affect your tooth shape which can cause other teeth to move. It is suggested that you visit a dentist in the six months after removing the braces. This will ensure you have regained your confident smile and the braces are doing their work properly.

How can you straighten teeth with braces?

When you find your teeth are moving, it is important to fix the problem by using a retainer. The ability of braces is to straighten teeth so that you can improve appearance and boost overall confidence. So, if the teeth have shifted and you try to wear a badly fitted retainer, then you might cause further damage to your teeth. This is a suitable solution to your orthodontic problems which can leave long lasting impressions on your smile.

What is the best option when your teeth shift?

With impressions, you can shift your teeth into proper alignment. It uses clear braces that you need to change every week and you do not have to see a dentist for the fittings. Impressions can help in treating underbite, overbite spacing and crowding. Read to know how it actually works:

  • Schedule an appointment for free – A digital scan will be used for creating your smile so that the braces fit in the perfect way.
  • No need to come again for picking them – They will be shipped right at your door without the trouble of coming again.
  • Impress your friends with gorgeous smile – Impressions offer an easy to use and virtually invisible braces at almost half the cost. You can now impress your friends with an attractive smile.

Thus, you need to see an Invisalign provider in London and solve the problem of crooked teeth quickly.

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